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Videa Lotus seven replika Brough Subzilla STi ATV

Brough Subzilla STi ATV

BROUGH SUBZILLA Another Lotus 7 Replica? Not likely! At Brough Xtreme Vehicles we dont replicate old cars. We create the future! BROUGH vehicles are tailor-made to suit each individuals needs and desires, they are personally hand crafted one at a time, aggressively designed for form, function and above all, safety. This comes from Kens 37 years of motor racing experience in not only driving but also car building and team management. They are the only 4 wheel drive open wheeled custom built car on the market (the Quad is also the only 4WD *road quad). Subzilla is the only car that comes standard with a fully certified (Motor Sport NZ #34 7.5G) roll cage, side intrusion bars, FIA approved seats and 3 belts, chassis crumple zone and collapsible steering column.

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