Video - Equinox: VSCCA Hillclimb 2012

Videa Lotus 7 Equinox: VSCCA Hillclimb 2012

Equinox: VSCCA Hillclimb 2012

See more at . Attending, filming, and even ascending the mountain itself for this hillclimb was a no brainer, not only because of its proximity to my hometown, but because of the authenticity, speed, and overwhelming aural presence of the cars participating. With the fleet ranging from a Bugatti Type 37 to a Devin D Roadster, the variety of the vehicles was impressive. Plus, as was mentioned earlier, all the cars were legitimate - no replicas here. The music featured in this film was "Deep Haze" and "Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod ( ), used under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Thanks goes to the VSCCA for organizing the event.

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