Video - How to build a Westfield Sports Car

Videa Lotus 7 How to build a Westfield Sports Car

How to build a Westfield Sports Car

Shows the construction of my Westfield Sport 2000 module build (lotus 7 inspired) sportscar. The engine is a ford duratec 2.0l with a Weber Alpha throttle body injection (204hp), with lightened flywheel, sports clutch plate (hydrolic), connected to an MT75 - 5 speed quick shift gearbox. This is connected to a 3.92 LSD Ford 7" differential. Suspension is fully independent and fully adjustable with a wide track front arrangement and front and rear anti roll systems fitted. Brakes are AP racing 4 pot (ventilated discs) at the front and VW golf mk4 solid discs at the rear, operated by an AP Racing master cylinder.

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