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Kit Cars To Build, Affordable Kit Cars to Build showcases a variety of affordable kit cars to build as well as cobra replicas for budding kitcar builders to assemble and drive. Kit cars seem to be more popular than ever and now come in a diverse range of body styles and engine capacities. This is all very well for the kitcar enthusiast who knows which kit he wants, but what about those who haven't yet made up their mind? Well, this is why I made this brief overview video. As you view it you will see many affordable kit cars as well as a number of more expensive sportscars such as the mighty Ultima GTR. But as i say, don't let the cost of these put you off. It's possible to build a kit car to a reasonable specification suitable for racing on the track or driving on the road without breaking the bank. The Locost kit car market is healthy with many manufacturers including a Lotus Seven replica in their stable of vehicles. Now as with anything, there's no upper limit on what you can spend, but fortunately for us, a number of locost manufacturers have created budget starter kits that are well within the average enthusiasts budget. For many kit cars, a large portion of the cash goes on buying the biggest, most powerful engine they can possibly find. now while it may make us feel more macho to drive around in a muscle car, for many drivers it is simply not necessary as a much cheaper option is often suitable without sacrificing performance too much. in many cases, unless you are planning to race the ...

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