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Videa Lotus 7 Lotus Seven B3/ Donkervoort/ Caterham

Lotus Seven B3/ Donkervoort/ Caterham

At the end of the Seventies Willem Boterman imported Caterhams to Holland. The cars did not comply to the rules of the Dutch ministry of transport , the chassis' were to small and Caterham were not interested to put energy to alter them so Boterman, together with Joop Donkervoort widened the chassis. This car is one of them, hence the B from Boterman, although Caterham took over the 7 in 1974 from Lotus this car is registered as a Lotus. Donkervoort is still building these cars under his own name, but spend a lot of development in it. You don't want to know how long the restoration of this car took but I stripped it to the bare frame. Even the old gelcoat was removed. It will take a while to remember what I did but as soon something comes up I will do an update here. Moulded dashboard with all dials facing the driver / pod under steeringwheel for switches like TVR / Oilcooler seperated from radiator-engine compartment ducts fresh air from high pressure point under nose, removes hot air through vents in side of nose-cone / put pedals and driversfootwell forward for more legroom / dry-sump system, oiltank in rightwing, better cooling / Kevlar-Carbon seats special made for this car / GRP tunnel / Kevlar-Carbon floorpanels with transparant green coating / pressure outlets in rear of rear wings so hot engine air can be released through tunnel and rear-axle space / new clutch, pressure plate / new brakes / bumpsteer removed / new steeringrack / new rear-suspension units ...

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