Video - Super Seven Alloy hardtop.

Videa Lotus 7 Super Seven Alloy hardtop.

Super Seven Alloy hardtop.

Lotus Seven S3 1972 with "B" modifications since 1987.( wide body) Car has to be driven on the road from Holland to the south of France so the driver need some form of protection. I started with a model from foam/GRP with gullwings but I wasn't very happy with the shape of it. Also, in that configuration you couldn't drive it with just the doors on and as we all know you can't drive a Super Seven without doors unless you like SM. I start again.... So I made targa top wich you can easily remove and the doors can stay in position. To make getting in and out just a bit more comfortable I made a stay on the targa panel so it moves up-wards at the rear. There is a polycarbonate window fixed to the roll-over-bar. Boot is secured with leather tonneau cover wich you also can use when the targa top is at home.


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